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We value your business and endeavour to work with you to achieve the best outcome in a timely fashion. We take care when we enter your premises and ensure we leave the area cleaner than when we arrived.

Plumbing & Gas

Hot Water Installation
Gas Appliance Installation
Gas Appliance Service
Domestic Plumbing
Commercial Plumbing

Blocked Drains & Drain Repairs

Drain blockages
Broken pipes
Invading tree roots
Worn out pipes

Emergency Plumbing

Gas leak
Leaking or burst pipe
Burst hot water tank
Clogged Toilet
No hot water

Reliable for Property Management.

Are you a property manager or a Landlord?
Distinct Plumbing specialises in plumbing and gas property maintenance.

Drain specialists.

They say that anything could last forever… not for pipes though. As time pass by, they get brittle resulting in tree roots invading in, blocking up the pipe. No need for digging, excavating, and leaving a mess behind. Our solution is drain relining! A non-invasive pipe repairing method done with a few steps only.

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