Blocked Drains & Drain Repairs

A non-invasive pipe repairing method done with a few steps only.

Leaders in the field of blocked drains & drain repairs.

We’re experts in blocked drains and drain repairs. We use advanced equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

What's the solution for repairing a broken or blocked drain?

We have a system for repairing a broken or blocked drain underground, without the need for any digging or demolition. 

1. Unblock Drain Pipe

Remove and clean the blockage from damaged drain pipe using our high pressure water hydro jet machine.

2. Drain Inspection

Inspect the drain pipe with our CCTV drain camera.

3. Insert

Insert our re line packer with new patch sleeve into position.

4. Set

Allow new patch sleeve to cure and harden, Sealing all breaks in drain pipe for a permanent solution.

5. Inspect

One final CCTV drain camera  inspection to confirm successful drain re-line.

6. Done

Job now complete without any digging, demolition or mess to clean up leaving one very happy customer!