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We understand the importance getting things done in a timely manner, rectifying problems and ensuring your family and business lives can continue without being interruped by plumbing emergencies.

Did you know that a dripping tap can waste 20,000 litres of water a year? This becomes a costly add on to your water bill but can easily be fixed – give us a call at Distinct Plumbing, Adelaide’s responsive plumbers.

Common sources of leaks occur from toilet cisterns, shower heads and taps, both in the garden and inside buildings. If you have noticed your water usage go up then you may have an undetected leak, which is worth investigating.

One way to find out if you have a leaky toilet cistern is to add a drop of food colouring to the tank. If the colour appears in the bowl after about 10 minutes or so, without flushing, then you have a leak which needs to be attended to. Don’t forget to flush the colour away.

At the other end of the spectrum are blocked drains, which require swift action to ensure the blockage doesn’t get worse and cause damage. Blockages can occur in all wet areas inside your home or business as well as within your sewerage system and stormwater drains.

Plumbers from Adelaide’s Distinct Plumbing will use all the equipment at our disposal to clear the blockage for you, including hydro jets and electric drain cleaners.

If you want to ensure a problem-free future for your drains why not make a regular date for us to visit and give them a once over.

There’s nothing worse than a cold shower in winter – or any other time – so if your hot water’s not working call us out for a look and we’ll soon have you warm again. If your system needs replacement, we will offer you a range of solutions and work quickly to minimise inconvenience.

We will also assess, repair and replace gas systems and fittings – gas leaks need to dealt with swiftly. Your safety and your health may be at risk and stopping leaking gas will save money on your gas bill.

If you smell gas in or around your home, call us at once and we’ll come and investigate and fix the problem.

We are committed to serving you as our customer, and pride ourselves on our workmanship.

Distinct Plumbing is your local Adelaide Master Plumber


Distinct Plumbing is committed to serving you the customer.  We pride ourselves on our workmanship.

We are your local Master Plumber.

We value your business and en devour to work with you to achieve the best outcome in a timely fashion.  Our personnel take care when they enter your premises and ensure they leave the area cleaner than when  they arrived.

We offer Free Quotes on most jobs and ensure that we will arrive in the allotted time we stipulate. 

We proudly service domestic situations which include, hot water installation, repair of leaky taps or showers, gas appliance installation and service, unblocking of drains as well as commercial situations. 

Commercial situations include, restaurants, cafes, councils,property management, industrial sector, new house builds.


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