When buying hot water systems for our home, you’ll need to be very careful. It’s an investment and can be quite expensive to install. So, you’ll be stuck with whatever you buy even if you don’t get the right one for your home. 

Another thing to know before buying hot water systems is that reviews won’t always work. Just because something works for your friend doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. 

So, how then can you get the best hot water system for your Australian home? By considering these factors.


Price is a major driving factor behind the type of water system you end up with. The type of hot water system you can get depends on your budget. If you look at hot water systems without considering your budget, you’ll only be left with expensive options.

However, if you have a set figure, you’ll be able to make the most of your choices. In this guide, we’ll be considering heaters that would be perfect for high and low-earning Australian homes. With a limited budget, you can still get the best heater for your home. 

Running and energy costs

Some hot water systems cost a lot to install and maintain. For example, if you decide to go for a solar heater, you’ll have to bear some costs, such as the solar panels and the installation fee. 

You may also have to buy some extra things to keep it running If you don’t mind staying between, you could consider electrical heaters. They don’t cost that much to install, but they could significantly increase your energy bill. However, it depends on how large your family is and how often you use hot water.

If your family is quite small and most people don’t use hot water, your energy bill may not noticeably change. However, if it’s the opposite, you should look at gas heaters. They’re highly cost-efficient and won’t cost you a lot in the long run.

House size

The size of your home also impacts the type of hot water system you can purchase. Some heaters are quite big and need enough space before they can be installed. You’ll need enough roof space if you want a solar heater. 

Solar panels will need to be placed on your roof, so there needs to be enough space. Storage heaters could also be quite big, so you’ll have to go for a continuous flow system if you’re trying to manage space.

Family members

How many people in your family use hot water? If your family is quite large and the hot water demand is high, you’ll need a system to satisfy this need. 

Storage hot water systems are the best for large families. They heat the waters in the storage tanks and dispense them once they’re turned on. A continuous flow system will also serve you if the demand isn’t too high. What hot water system would serve you and your family best?

Distinct Plumbing will assess your needs and give you the most befitting heater. Please message us and look at the hot water systems in stock!

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