The plumbing system in your Adelaide home is very important. But, unfortunately, it’s one thing you never realise until something goes wrong. And this is what happens when drains get blocked. Its problematic nature will you and your family’s schedule till the drain is cleared.

As long as you’re living in it, blocked drains are normal in any home. So, what exactly clogs your pipes? Once you know what causes the blockages, preventing it gets easier.

Three main things cause blocked the drains in an Adelaide home

Plumbing pipes mainly transport the dirt and waste produced in your home and ensure it goes to the sewer. 


But, over time, the waste that passes through your plumbing system sticks to the pipes as mere water can’t flush it away. So, you can say blocked drains are a sign your pipes are handling more dirt than they can. 

You can know what’s causing the blocked drain by the area where it’s clogged. 

Watch what goes down if you want to reduce how frequently your drains get blocked by dirt.

Pipe problems

Dirt isn’t always the cause of blocked pipes. Sometimes, the problem is with your pipes. Numerous things could damage your pipes and lead to clogs. Here are some of the things that can happen:

Tree roots

Tree roots always seek water, especially in a dry place like Adelaide. Because they’re constantly seeking moisture, they will burst into your home’s pipes. 

They’re very common, but most plumbers are inept at finding them. So instead, they’d rather treat it like a simple blockage caused by blocks.

Message us if your drains keep getting blocked despite the numerous plumbers you’ve called. Our plumbers use high-tech video equipment to inspect pipes and find the root of the problem. You’ll rarely experience blocked drains when Distinct Plumbing handles your plumbing needs.

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