When it comes to blockages or clogs, there’s no greater solution than hydro jetting. Hydro jetting is the process of using hydro jets to clear plumbing pipes. Plus, Hydro jets use high-pressured water, which effectively clears dirt, debris, and impurities from plumbing pipes.

Hydro jets are highly popular now because of how effective they are. Other traditional forms of drain cleaning are usually harmful with side effects. So hydro jetting is a welcome change. However, professionals have to do it, or else your plumbing issues will go unresolved. When Distinct Plumbing handles your hydro jetting, here’s what you get.


Chemical methods of clearing drain pipes tend to contaminate the water flow of your home. And other invasive solutions could damage your pipes. After solving your blockage issues, you’ll have to deal with numerous problems. They could come in the form of contaminated water or damaged pipes.

You won’t deal with any plumbing problems after hydro jetting it. Our hydro jets are forceful but gentle; they won’t damage any of your pipes. And we only use pure water, so your water flow won’t get contaminated.


Due to how effective hydro jetting is, it tends to be expensive. You can attest to this if you’ve asked numerous plumbers for their quotes. Distinct Plumbing has the best rates for Plumbing you will find in Adelaide.

Our prices are set up so that you can afford to clean your pipes multiple times a year. Not that you’ll need it because of our next point.

Highly efficient

What really makes hydro jetting stand out is how powerful it is. It cleans all sorts of dirt that traditional methods can’t really handle. For example, kitchen clogs are very common due to grease and food particles.

Snaking, a popular method for cleaning clogs will only clear the clog. It doesn’t actually clean it. And that’s why your kitchen sink gets blocked frequently. Even when you just recently called a plumber. Hydro jets clean grease and all forms of food particles from the pipes.

Distinct Plumbing’s hydro jetting guarantees that your pipes are totally clean. You won’t be experiencing clogs for a while after the process.

Tackles serious plumbing problems

Some plumbing issues are hard to treat because of how extensive they are. An example is tree roots. Tree roots around your house are rich with water and will enter your pipes for it. Tree roots are a major issue because they can destroy your pipes and contaminate your water. It’s very expensive to treat because of how serious it can get.

You don’t have to spend too much- hydro jets are effective at clearing tree roots. You don’t have to replace your pipes or break down any walls in your home.

With our hydro-jetting, you won’t have to spend a lot on Plumbing yearly. You can also say goodbye to any clogs you’re experiencing in your home. Are you tired of drain issues? Call us for a quick fix.

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