Many homeowners can testify to how annoying blocked drains are. Although it’s not limited to them, blocked drains can happen in commercial buildings.

The first thing you should do is stop the DIY treatments. You don’t know what’s wrong with your drain, so you can’t know how to treat it. Trying different things won’t do anything. In fact, you may end up doing more damage in the long run.

Instead of ruining your drains further, come to Distinct Plumbing. We blast all blockages away with our numerous solutions. Here’s how we help:


Blocked drains could be caused by the accumulation of dirt in your plumbing pipes. Different places in your home and things that tend to block them are:

Knowing what causes clogs is helpful because it helps you take preventive measures. When we want to clear blocks, we use hydro jetting. We use hydro jets to totally clean your drain. After using our hydro jets, you shouldn’t have any clog-related issues for a long time. However, you also need to be careful of what you let go down your pipe.

Faulty pipes

Faulty plumbing pipes could come in numerous forms.

These problems may seem overwhelming, but we assure you that they won’t cost too much. We use a non-invasive relining technology to fix any pipe related issue. So instead of costly pipe replacement, we restore the integrity by relining it. No digging or demolition is required to fix any of these issues.

However, you should ensure these problems are identified before they get too serious. Regular inspections from Distinct Plumbing will identify any problems before they do major damage. When last did you have your plumbing system inspected? Call us now for a quick inspection.

Tree roots

Another culprit to blame for blockages is tree roots. Tree roots are drawn to water and will enter your plumbing pipes. They could burst in and cause major damage to your pipes. This is very common in Australia, and it has to be identified early. If not, it would only lead to more blockages as it destroys your pipes further.

Our hydro jetting is also efficient in tackling this type of issue. Not all plumbing issues are caused by dirt, as you can see. Before you resort to DIY, let’s take a look. We offer more lasting and efficient solutions.

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